Monday, December 7, 2009

Black Diamond Heavies

Black Diamond Heavies
Alive as Fuck
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By now, most of you should know who in the hell the Black Diamond Heavies are, being that they are quite possibly one of the biggest and most electrifying forces to be reckoned with on the rock and roll circuit today. They are the messiahs of all that is loud and rowdy as they bring the good news to the masses with their own blend of "punk ass blues", causing heavy alcohol consumption and an ass load of sweat all around the world. As it stands now, the Black Diamond Heavies will be our exclamation point to the 2009 year in music with their latest release, Alive As Fuck.
A strong point for the Heavies has always been the fact that they can pull off live material that far surpasses what they can lay down in the studio. Don't get me wrong, the studio albums are phenomenal, however it would be nearly impossible to recreate what these two, yes I said two, lads can bring forth on a dim lit stage in a smoky bar. The thick sludge of emotion, grit, and soul that spills from their gear out onto the crowd is full of road tested material that blends everything that is good about Muddy Waters, Tom Waits, and Mahalia Jackson if they all joined together with the MC5 backing them up. With two members, the Black Diamond Heavies bring a bigger sound than any other band that boasts five or six members and continue to push the boundaries as far as what a drumkit, Fender Rhodes (run through a Big Muff mind you), and Hammond organ can do. Alive As Fuck is the majority of material from a live show that was recorded on July 24th in Covington, Kentucky at the Covington Masonic Lodge. This album finds the Black Diamond Heavies with their eye on the prize and the pedal to the metal, giving the crowd amped up and energetic versions of songs from both previous studio albums including "White Bitch", "Take a Ride", and "Fever in My Blood." The band sounds tighter than ever, John Wesley Myers' voice is as mean as a pole cat, and the groove seems to be growing into its own beast as Myers and drummer Van Campbell continue to spread the word of what might possibly be the best live band in the world.
Thank God that the Black Diamond Heavies and Alive records have given us an early Christmas gift, making sure that 2009 won't fizzle out but end with a damn punch in the face. Alive As Fuck is the perfect stocking stuffer for those who love blues, punk, and just plain old rock and roll in its rawest form. Try and keep still while listening to this one. My bet is that you won't be able to. -Andrew Bryant